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Craft master Shi Aiyun works exhibited in art treasures museum of the Chinese nation

Recently, the ancient COINS creative knitting craft master Shi Aiyun personally designed and compiled by the ancient COINS process works, in the third layer craft art treasures museum of the Chinese nation masters exhibition exhibited for the southern district.

Shi Aiyun use 488 old coin establishment of flourishing and wing

Ancient COINS creative masters Shi Aiyun weaving process, the Chinese ancient COINS crafts creative design study for 10 years, through in-depth study of Chinese culture and profundity of Chinese ancient culture, found the "device to carry doctrine of traditional Chinese culture" principle, by "controller is like," form of imitation of natural thing, will shape as a kind of symbol, cause people to the natural lenovo, desire for the "tao" to search. The technique of symbol to reflect the meaning of "dao", "" becomes the carrier of interpretation and inheriting the way of the universe. Means "the XingErShangZhe call way, XingErXiaZhe." As the metaphysical universe order with the universe life characterization of "tao", respectively, through the imitation and of everything representational symbol on the concept of abstract two kinds of methods, in the "physical" shape.

Shi Aiyun use 365 old coin establishment of qianlong YuBi "long life"

According to the guiding ideology, Shi Aiyun personally designed and compiled the four ancient COINS weaving crafts: light YuBi everyone, qianlong YuBi life of words, all the flow eka cesium, prosperous time wing. Each product contains the rich cultural background, combined with artistry, culture, collection and marketability at an organic whole, is one of the classics of ancient COINS process design and production.

Shi Aiyun use 688 old coin establishment of ambient flow eka cesium


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